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Dear Sponsors


Another eventful term has come to an end and the second half of the year is upon us. How time flies …



Our playschool seems to have more highlights incorporated in their programme than normal school days 😉. Excursions to the nature reserve, book day, pyjama day, fundraising (burger sale) … There is always something to celebrate and, looking at photos of the ECD, we can only be amazed: beautiful grounds, beautiful faces and beautiful memories.



Our matric class (grade 12) was invited by the University of Stellenbosch to visit the campus and experience a tour through the engineering faculty. The students were informed about the many courses on offer. A profiling test was done at school recently, which will further help the learners to choose the right career path. More career orientation will take place in the next term. We hope that all these offerings will provide renewed motivation for our learners to grab their opportunities with both hands and do their best in the upcoming exams.



In our Child and Youth Care Centre the cooperation between the external social workers, parents, extended families and possible foster parents is often challenging and the children are caught somewhere in between. Recently, two siblings were invited to spend the winter holidays with their grandmother, but shortly thereafter she cancelled all the arrangements. Way too often hope and disappointment, love and rejection are close companions. A fun holiday programme has been set up to distract and offer an opportunity to make lasting memories. We are in the process of employing more carers to give the children the attention and love they need.


We are very thankful for all the individual sponsorships and the generous donations for operations and renovations! For this we thank our NGOs in Germany, Switzerland and the UK from the bottom of our heart!


Warm greetings




Micha & Judith 


On Friday, 23 April, our ECD learners celebrated World Book Day. The Teachers read them enjoyable stories. Two classes read stories under the tree and the other classes in the classroom.

They made a Goldilocks activity and masks of the stories of the day.

➡️They were taught how to take care and handle books.

➡️Wash your hands before handling books.

➡️Avoid eating and drinking when reading a book.

➡️How to turn the pages of the book etc.

Each learner received a book to take home. Many thanks to the Masikule Team for providing each learner with their own book.


Abrameshia Daniels, Principal ECD





Hope and Light continually strives to be a visible beacon of hope and light in the lives of our children, the families and the community.


However, without the effort and cooperation of our staff this would be impossible. We rely on staff members to prepare lessons, to bandage knees, to have conversations with parents, and to be there for the needs and concerns of the more than 500 children in our organisation. What would it help to have the most beautiful premises, the most beautiful play school, the most beautiful children village if there was no one on site available to listen and to guide? What if our bus driver does not pitch, if the two meals per day for our children are not prepared? 


Our team of 50 members consists of teachers, educators, social workers, gardeners, drivers, chefs, secretaries, bookkeepers, assistants and volunteers. Our organisation depends on these precious individuals, and we are very grateful to have a team that continues to grow.


But we also thank you, our sponsors, for your loyalty and support!


Many greetings from a grateful team!


Judith Hill