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The Solid Rock


Neville Petersen has many years of experience in labour law and human resource management, and his passion is to see people develop their potential. A man for a crisis, he is known for having an unlimited resource of ideas and strategies whatever the circumstance. Neville fulfils the role of CEO of Hope and Light and handles all HR and related matters.

The Beating Heart


Anthea Jacobs’ heart bleeds for the hurting children of our society. She has been involved in various NGO projects over the last years but also looks back on many years in the construction sector. She loves encouraging one-on-one discussions and equipping leaders in group sessions. Anthea’s focus is on Strategic Partnership Development, corporate affairs, public relations and developing a network of supporters at Hope and Light.

The Busy Bee


Judith Hill has an administrative and financial background with many years’ involvement in voluntary work amongst youth, music groups and churches. Her motivation for coming to work is a deep longing to help bring justice to a broken society. Judith leads the finance team and coordinates the school fee sponsorships at Hope and Light.