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Newsletter 1 – 2024

Soft toy donation Christine Dürr
Grade 12 visit to the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation
Visit from ZwickRoell
Volunteer project

Dear friends of Hope and Light


2024 began with some good news: the results of the NSC exams (our final Grade 12 exams) showed an improvement in the pass rate by almost 20% compared to the previous year. Our pass rate was also much higher than the average pass rate of 83% in the Western Cape. We are very excited and proud of our students for achieving a pass rate of 94.4%.

News in a nutshell

To respond to the demands and opportunities of our local market, we decided to introduce tourism as a subject for our high school learners from 2024, which was well received.
All our classes are full to capacity. We work with a maximum of 30 learners per class to balance quality education with the means we have at our disposal. Thanks to our volunteers who have assisted in the classes as and where needed. The Grade R children were greeted by a colourful rainbow after the Easter holidays thanks to the creative input of our volunteers Amrei, Hannah, Emilie and Alvina.


Our children at the playschool are settling in well. We had a visit from uncle Charly and aunty Gitte in March who never grow tired of baking waffles and spoiling our little ones. In the last week before the Easter holidays, the much-awaited Easter Egg Hunt took place. It is so rewarding to see the excitement and joy about the simple things in life in our children’s eyes.


At the Children’s Village the challenges are ever present. The trauma, the loss of friends, family and people our children once trusted come to the surface in various ways. To have a stable team of staff members is vital to mend broken hearts and to create a place which the children can call home. Vuyani Jebese, our facility manager, and his team are doing everything in their power to meet our children’s needs. A focus this term was to meet with the external social workers more regularly and to schedule play therapies, counselling sessions and start collaborations with other NGOs. One of these new collaborations is with Nal’ibali. Nal’ibali’s mission is to nurture a love of reading in children as early as possible to advance children’s development.


A view behind the scenes: the challenge of our children:

Zita’s* mom left to pursue a career in a night club and left her on someone else’s doorstep. Fortunately the woman took her in, cared for her and wants her to receive a good education so that, one day, she will be able to fend for herself.


Zaid* is fortunate to still have both parents at home. But his father had an accident and is unable to work long hours. His mother has arthritis. The family often visits the local soup kitchen as the food at home is not sufficient.


The needs are great – but our hope is still greater!


*not her/his real name.


How you make a difference

About half of our families are part of our sponsorship programme and rely on kind-hearted individuals who contribute to their school fees. The other half are able to pay the school fees, which are kept at an absolute minimum to
make our school affordable to the families in our area. To supplement our fees, we receive subsidies from the government but also rely on general donations, project specific donations and donations in kind.


Your donations are therefore absolutely necessary for the continuation of the organisation and we cannot thank you enough!


Please have a look at some recent videos and statistics below.


Let’s continue to fight for the vulnerable in our society!


Best wishes from Neville, Anthea, Judith and the entire team at Hope and Light

Please note that some contact details of the affiliated organisations have changed and you may receive an error message when writing an email. Feel free to contact us for assistance with the new contact details. Should you not have received your donation receipt from Helping Hands e.V. please send an email to with your full name and address.

Staff workshop at Kirstenbosch
Athletics Day
Collaboration with Nal’ibali Neville Petersen (director), Carol Titus (Nal’ibali), Vuyani Jebese (CYCC manager)
Waffles from Charly and Gitte at our ECD

Thank you!

√ To ZwickRoell for their donation towards necessary bus

√ To Marco and Vanessa for their help during the school holidays.

√ To all our volunteers and advisors for their selfless support.

√ To Rainer Winge and his team for their support and fundraising efforts over the past years, and a warm welcome to the new team at Hope and Light Germany e.V.

√ To Ann Hobday for the Lego donation and delivery.

√ To Wiedtal-Gymnasium for their donation through the Hope and Light Café.

√ To our furniture donor Nathalie Reber and soft toy donor Christine Dürr.

√ To the many anonymous sponsors.

√ To Virtual Resource for supporting our CYCC and ECD.

Donations in 2023 (including school fee sponsorships)

√ Through Hope and Light Germany

√ Through Hope and Light SwitzerlandEUR 20.500
√ Through Hope and Light UK ZAR 208,188 EUR 10.400
√ Donations South Africa ZAR 1,122,317 EUR 56.000
√ Donations Germany ZAR 561,786 EUR 28.200
(e.g. Helping Hands e.V. and direct)

ZAR 3,564,288

ZAR 408,164
ZAR 208,188

ZAR 561,786

EUR 180.000

EUR 20.500
EUR 10.400
EUR 56.000
EUR 28.200

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