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Thank you for the info and also for taking care of the gift for A. We are very proud of her and sincerely hope that her attending your school will make a difference in her life. Because we really appreciate your work, we would love to continue our sponsorship without any hesitation. – Family Postel, Germany

We were very happy to get a short update on what’s happening at Hope and Light. It is great that the children as well as the staff received a small Christmas gift to help you get in the festive mode.
K.’s report also made us very happy. She can be really proud!
Also to you and the entire team: thank you for your wonderful work and commitment. It is wonderful to see how Hope and Light has developed in just the last one-and-a-half years. We are excited to see what the future holds for the organisation and all its role players. – Family Müller, Germany

Thank you for the update, especially the photos, which allowed me to see A.’s sister. A.’s report is good – long may she continue in this vein! The video about Hope and Light is lovely and touching, and I can see that our sponsorship money is well invested and helps the children to get a break from their daily struggles.
I appreciate your commitment to the cause at Hope and Light. Please also send these regards to “my” A. – Mr Donderer, Germany

Thank you for your email.
How big they have become! I still have photos from when they fitted in a cooking pot… They seem to be very content.
Wishing you and the whole team, and especially R. and R., a wonderful Christmas and happy new year! – Mr and Mrs Hofmeier, Germany

We are glad to be able to make a small contribution to the excellent work that is being done for the children at the children village. We happily give our support to R. – Mr and Mrs Zweig, Switzerland

Thank you so much for the information from South Africa and the beautiful photos. Hope and Light is such a blessing to the learners and wonderful to see that so many sponsors support and further this project. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers that put all their energy and passion into Hope and Light. – Mrs Kröner, Germany