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  • Your sponsorship contribution only benefits the sponsorship program.
  • Any surpluses in the account of a sponsored child will be used for other costs within the sponsorship program.
  • Your contribution goes to the costs for education, school, uniform, transport and food.
  • Should the child leave Hope and Light, the sponsorship would also end.
  • Hope and Light reserves the right to remove children from the sponsorship program for valid reasons.
  • If you would like to end your sponsorship, we kindly ask you for organisational reasons to inform us 3 months before the end.
  • Hope and Light is a Section 18A approved organisation and therefore donations are tax deductible.

Please set up a standing order, as we will not make any debit orders for the sponsorship contributions.

Banking Details: Hope and Light Community Welfare NPC, First National Bank, Business Cheque Account Number 62 876 499 726, Branch Code 250655